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RE: “Habermas’ Volcano”

Posted in Uncategorized by Jack Worthington on August 12, 2013

RE: “Habermas’ Volcano”


An article well worth reading from today’s Der Spiegel, written by Jürgen Habermas, generally regarded as one of the world’s foremost intellectuals: http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/juergen-habermas-merkel-needs-to-confront-real-european-reform-a-915244.html .


As I’ve written over the past several years, I believe Germany and the Eurozone will eventually come to their senses and get off “Habermas’ Volcano” before it blows (via Eurozone breakup), while the US will unwittingly experience its full wrath like an unfortunate, bumbling tourist due to a confluence of tragic sociopolitical realities in America; the rise of a strong collectivist / communist zeitgeist, and a dearth of political leadership to first recognize, and then oppose it with the same forceful courage of past American generations.


This slow motion train wreck is painful to watch. Counter-intuitively it’s an American, not European train wreck that I’m forecasting.


If there were such a thing, a “Southern European Molotov Cocktail Index” would be the key daily graph to monitor. At some point, social instability in the Southern Eurozone will rise to a dangerous, untenable pitch, and be the catalyst for a N/S Eurozone breakup, with the N Euro supported by Russia, China, et al as a new world reserve currency with profoundly negative ramifications for the US$ and American society. One indirect, less obvious contributing factor is rising anti-Americanism at the grass roots level exacerbated significantly by the NSA global spying revelations…and the potential for American energy self-sufficiency via shale resource development (thumbing our nose at very powerful global interests who strongly oppose this and will be harmed greatly by it).


Big quirky bets outside the obvious: Long on France (replaces Germany as the economic engine of the S Eurozone). If you’re an American, long on all classes of US real estate, and citizenship diversification. N Eurozone for safe havens. Gold, agricultural commodities.


12 Aug 2013


New York


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