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Barack, Please Don’t Trip Over the Line in Crimea

Posted in Investment & Social Commentaries by Jack Worthington on February 28, 2014

Barack, Please Don’t Trip Over the Line in Crimea


Unlike Barack Obama’s amateurish line in the Syrian sand bluff, Vladamir Putin and Russia do have a serious line in the Crimean dirt, which is so clear it’s not even mentioned.  In the ethnic Russian mind, this turf is Russian and I believe Russia will defend it to the last man standing if push comes to shove.  As things naturally exist, Ukraine should probably be two separate nations, one poor Western pro-EU state, and a relatively wealthy Eastern pro-Russia state.


The US should immediately and quietly back away from Crimea, and if Crimeans want to re-join Russia and Russia wants to have them back, then let them go and stay out of it.  This isn’t the right place to play fast and loose geopolitical hardball with Vlad Putin.  If we’re attempting a cute chess move and hope to dislodge Russia from the home of its 250 year old warm water Black Sea Fleet, we’re dangerously off-base.  In my view, the Crimea situation has the potential to escalate into the most serious, world-threatening flashpoint since the Cuban Missile Crisis.  What minorities would Americans risk the lives of our young people to defend there??? 12% Tatar Muslims???  Would Americans be willing to take humanity to the brink of global thermonucear war in defense of 12% Tatar Muslims in Crimea???


If we’re so concerned about the rights of the skinhead Western Ukrainians who want to run Ukraine, don’t we have a moral obligation to be just as concerned about the rights of the Russian Crimeans who fear oppression from the skinhead’s we support, and want to join Russia for safety?


Madness.  Let’s hope sanity prevails and Barack Obama’s ego, etc… are held tightly in check somehow, some way.  In my view, we’re stepping into a minefield unlike any other that I’m aware of in most of our lifetimes.




…Then we have the old Cold Warrior politicians who’ve been in office so long they are constitutionally incapable of scraping away old images of the former Soviet Union in their beliefs about the new Russia.  John McCain, what in the world were you doing on the Maidan in Kiev encouraging Western Ukrainians (a solid number being fascist, nationalist skinheads??) in their revolutionary overthrow of a legitimately elected Ukrainian government which is still strongly supported by the majority of the Ukrainian people…Eastern Ukrainians who represent the majority of the population, the vast majority of its wealth, and are predominantly ethnic Russians?!  Will you be ok with it if Vlad goes to the National Mall in DC and encourages the violent overthrow of the Obama administration, and installation of a Tea Party government because Obama is issuing too many executive orders, etc…etc…?  What do you think the Democrats, 50% of Americans, would say about that?!  People of Arizona, please do our nation a service and usher Mr. McCain into a desperately needed retirement.


People like John McCain throw the tired old line of Vlad’s secret plan to reconstitute the Soviet Union.  Bunk.  A social democracy working within capitalism, and trading / cultural union…perhaps global in scope?  Yes.  A forced, global communist union with iron curtain? No.  Moscow is now home to the largest number of billionaires in the world…surpassing New York City.  Just read the Russian press or visit Russia to get a sense of what their people want, and it isn’t communism friends…been there, done that, never go back.  In fact, they’re dumbfounded that the US is going down the communist path, and warn us against it…if Americans would just read the warnings from people who wanted to join our party…then we left…


Why are the American mainstream media picking a fight with the Russian people?  Because Russians are anti-gay?  Because Vlad hurt Barack’s feelings on the world stage one too many times?  Because the American mainstream media are left wing collectivist / communists at heart, and it upsets them that Russians abandoned communism?  I’m starting to hear a frightening old message from ever-more-mainstream US Democrats…”Communism was never implemented in the right way by the Soviets, Chinese, et al…this time, with a few key tweaks, we’ll get it right and create a glorious society…ad nauseum…”.


There were good reasons why previous American / Western generations took the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation to prevent the spread of communism.  It’s time to revisit those reasons…time to open a history book…time for the quiet majority to stand firm on the solid middle ground of traditional American values.  We’re a creedal nation unlike most others…these values are the key glue that binds us…



28 Feb 2014