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A Plea Re: Ukraine

Posted in Investment & Social Commentaries by Jack Worthington on March 3, 2014

A Plea re: Ukraine

Friends, the Obama administration is driving us into another humiliation on the world stage.  We’re about to be hung out to dry and internationally embarrassed again for our aggressive posturing on Ukraine, as the facts surface re: what is really happening there.  Syria redux.

The CIA’s propaganda machine, “Operation Mockingbird” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird ) appears to be engaged in overdrive on the Ukraine situation.  What I’m reading / hearing in the US and British mainstream media does not correspond with common sense, or my own experience in the region.

I agree with much of the assessment of former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, on the Ukraine situation.  I highly recommend listening to his 25 minute interview:  http://www.kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/Broadcast/Entries/2014/3/1_Dr._Paul_Craig_Roberts_files/Paul%20Craig%20Roberts%203%3A1%3A2014.mp3

In my view, the public facts clearly indicate that the violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government is a botched coup led by the US, and we should remove ourselves immediately from this unfolding debacle while we can still save some face and avoid jump-starting another Cold (hot?) War on European soil.  We need to stop digging our own grave immediately, and step back from this senseless confrontation with Russia, and as of today China, who are apparently supporting the Russian viewpoint.  We will end up standing on the edge of the plank, isolated, alone, humiliated, and further discredited in the international community.

Mine seems to be one of the lone Western voices with this view, but I guarantee it folks.  Coming right down the pipe at us.  Russia and China will oblige a UN Security Council hearing and facts will emerge.  If the public facts scream US-led botched coup, the hidden facts must be damning, and when those facts eventually surface, the US will suffer a worldwide public humiliation at a minimum.

My gut sense is that Obama and Kerry (men of expansive ego) had their feelings hurt one too many times on the world stage by Vlad Putin, and devised this scheme to destabilize Russia in its backyard.  They planned to back moderate, Ukrainian superhero boxer Vitaly Klitschko, but the skinhead Neo-Nazi fascists entered the scene and hijacked the coup.  The Neo-Nazi’s are now driving the coup agenda at gunpoint.  This is driving about anyone with a clear mind and Russian ethnicity in Eastern Ukraine, back into the safe arms of Mother Russia.  Crimea IS Russia historically.  Russia will not back down from this hard line in the dirt, and will defend it to the last man standing.  It is a foolish move to confront Russia here…just as it was a foolish move by the former Soviet Union to confront the US in Cuba.

The US is now aggressively backing a veritable Eastern European-style Neo-Nazi government (PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk appears neutered…a moderate puppet faceman) despite the fact that a violently-deposed, democratically-elected leader is still alive and continues to lead Ukraine in exile.  Viktor Yanukovych appears to be a very flawed leader (have there ever been Ukrainian leaders who are not?), and may be guilty of several crimes, but the ballot box and court system are the proper venues to remove him from office, examine facts, and apply justice.  The aggressive US efforts to ignore democratic mechanisms, and legitimize these illegal occupier thugs by encouraging / demanding dialogue between the world and these “new authorities” in the face of the facts, screams that this is a US-led coup, and that it’s gone belly up.  This is Bay of Pigs redux…time to pull the ripcord and get the hell out of there while we can still save some face and pull back from the brink of WWIII.

I urge you to contact your congressmen and senators, requesting them to immediately step out of Obama’s saber-rattling Ukraine bandwagon for a moment…put on the brakes…tone down the anti-Russia rhetoric…and examine facts asap before we isolate ourselves on the world stage any further, or even trip into World War III or a cold / hot war on European soil.

The US does not need any more enemies in this world, and we’re about to make them…en masse.


3 March 2014


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