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Vlad’s Next Move

Posted in Uncategorized by Jack Worthington on March 3, 2014

Vlad’s Next Move


Brilliantly, Putin will now sit back and do NOTHING. Crimea is holding a status referendum on 30 March to decide whether or not they will formally secede from Ukraine…a lead-in to re-joining Russia.  No Russian military action or threats from Putin are needed.  Through democratic self-determination, Crimea will be Vlad’s. All Vlad really has to do is sit back and watch the voting in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine…in fact, he could / should encourage the UN to monitor / ensure free and fair elections in all the Eastern Ukrainian regions coming his way.  Russia doesn’t want poverty-stricken Western Ukraine and its nationalist Neo-Nazi fascists who hate it, and neither will the EU as the US will find out soon enough.  The US will own this nasty little tar baby for years to come…humiliated, isolated, and alone at the end of the plank.


In all likelihood, a dramatically botched US-led coup hijacked by Neo-Nazi’s created this embarrassment for the US and calamity for Ukraine.  This is a monumental cock-up on the part of Barack Obama and John Kerry.  There should be congressional investigations, and Obama should be impeached if this proves to be the case.



3 March 2014


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