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Mainstream Media Dereliction of Duty in Ukraine

Posted in Investment & Social Commentaries by Jack Worthington on April 16, 2014

Mainstream Media Dereliction of Duty in Ukraine


Did anyone read this major news in the US or British mainstream media yesterday?  Of course not.  It was released in the Chinese press:  http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/china/2014-04/15/c_133264622.htm .


This story exposes the danger / foolishness of US foreign policy and the attempted / failed isolation of Russia…which only adds fuel to the growing fire of our own international isolation.


“Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for enhanced relations with Russia”.  “Bilateral relations are at their best and have not only benefited both countries and their people, but also have an irreplaceable role in maintaining world peace and stability, said Xi.  Xi asked Lavrov to convey his greetings to Putin, noting that he attaches great importance to the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination and cherishes the mutual trust and friendship shared with Putin.  He said the two sides should transfer their high political mutual trust into extensive pragmatic cooperation, maintain high-level exchanges and strategic communication, accelerate cooperation in strategic projects, and strengthen coordination and cooperation in international and regional affairs.  Lavrov also extended Putin’s greetings to Xi, noting that the bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination has global influence.  Russia is ready to enhance communication, coordination and cooperation with China, he said, adding that Putin is looking forward to his China visit and the CICA summit.”


We’re digging a deep and dangerous hole my fellow Americans.  The blocs are coming together for a grand scale and unnecessary confrontation, and we will be on the losing side.

I’m astounded by our foolishness…more than that, I’m shocked the German government took the US bait and allowed the Ukraine situation and Russia’s isolation to go this far.


The Western Ukrainian-controlled putsch government has now sent troops into the East.  Apparently citizens have blocked road access in some places, and there are reports of soldiers defecting to the Eastern Ukrainian side.


US Senator John McCain and others are vehemently pleading for the US to supply those advancing troops with weaponry.  Let’s be crystal clear:  John McCain and his ilk of deeply flawed judgment / morality / ??? in US government are encouraging Western Ukrainians to engage in lethal military combat against fellow Ukrainians in the East, irrespective of what is now the obvious truth on the ground…that many of these Ukrainians in the East are deeply upset that their democratically-elected government has been illegally hijacked by thugs with whom they have profound ideological disagreement.  They would prefer to remain Ukrainian (and Russia would also prefer that), but are left with little choice when democratic processes are opposed by the US / EU and tanks are rolling their way.


Let’s look at it differently for a moment:


What if a Tea Party rally on the Mall in Washington DC turned violent, and Tea Party activists stormed government buildings, forced the US President to flee, then declared themselves to be the new government, naming Sarah Palin as the new President.  Immediately thereafter, the new government starts writing new laws and abolishing others by fiat without vote, then sent military troops to California and New York to violently stop protests.


How long would Californians and New Yorkers stand for this?  What would you think if the Russian versions of John McCain and Victoria Nuland were actively involved in the violent Tea Party revolution?


And we support this??  This isn’t what Americans, or any civilized people do, friends.  This isn’t what the British do.  This isn’t what Germans do.  I’m ashamed to be associated with this, as an American.  This stinks people.


Follow the money:  If the East separates from the West taking their tax revenues with them, the US and EU will be morally obligated to continue financial support of Western Ukraine in perpetuity, one of the poorest failed states of Europe…Greece x 10…in addition to being a country where fascists have strong political support and occupy key positions in government…the EU cannot accept this.


We created this problem by instigating a revolution to de-stablize Putin.  It went horribly wrong, and we need to de-escalate this madness asap while we still can.



16 Apr 2014