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Investment Alert – Kiev’s announcement and the immediate threat it poses to the global economy

Posted in Investment & Social Commentaries by Jack Worthington on August 8, 2014

Investment Alert – Kiev’s announcement and the immediate threat it poses to the global economy.


First, if it’s not quickly self evident that the government running Ukraine does not have Western interests first and foremost in its decision-making process, I have some great property deals for you in South-Central Florida…please contact me immediately.


The Kiev government in Ukraine is clearly trying to do everything it can to bring the EU into a military confrontation with Russia…having our children fight their hateful war for them…shedding our blood and spending our money ad infinitum…for the benefit of a regime that by all fair international comparisons, we should deem war criminals.  Fairly, in the past, the leader of any government that has taken power illegally via coup and resorts to attacking an unfavoured group of its citizens militarily with heavy weapons, we have labelled as an international pariah / war criminal that must be removed.  Bashar Al Assad, Saddam Hussein, et al.  We seem to ignore Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko…because he’s on the side of the coup we instigated.  He came to power through a voting process and set of circumstances that we ourselves continue to condemn as undemocratic frauds in Crimea and parts of SE Ukraine…yet we support him…because he’s our guy.


Enough on that…let’s get to the purpose of this note, and a key unforeseen butterfly effect of our Ukraine debacle that is about to send our world and the global economy into a tailspin.


It’s hard to believe the EU approved today’s announcement by Kiev that their sanctions against Russia (to be voted on this coming Tue 12 Aug) could include stopping the transit of Russian gas to Europe via Ukraine.  Obviously, such a policy has the potential to send the European economy into a tailspin and threatens the viability of the European project.  This suggestion certainly didn’t come out of Brussels.


I believe this is another instance of an unhinged regime in Kiev, with its supporters, trying to pull Europe into military / economic warfare with Russia at all costs.


The Kiev junta we installed and support is now holding the world economy and the future of a united Europe hostage via blackmail.  Our asinine foreign policy is backfiring into the real world, hurting real people…you and me.


Summary for investors:  Depending on the outcome of the Ukrainian sanctions vote, near term trouble ahead for global equity and European debt markets.  US$ strength and falling US treasury yields as safe haven investors return.  Artificially low yields fueling unintended credit expansion and US inflation…gold price up.  We’re being held at gunpoint folks.  We need to cut this Kiev regime off, and support Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline to Europe, bypassing Ukraine…rather than working to tank it.  There are global economic risks for the transit of Russian gas to South Korea via North Korea…the same with gas to Europe via Ukraine.  Somehow we need to extricate ourselves from this Ukraine debacle asap to mitigate unforeseen consequences which I fear could be far more damaging than we can imagine at the present time.




8 Aug 2014

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