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Consequences of an Imperial Presidency

Posted in Investment & Social Commentaries by Jack Worthington on November 21, 2014

“Consequences of an Imperial Presidency”

Precedent set. At some future point a Republican president will be elected…now a fight for all the marbles.  Will be interesting to see which laws they enforce and which they don’t.  Watching history unfold in an amazing way…all I know is the US will change in more ways than we can currently imagine under an imperial presidency with unchecked power.  This is a revolutionary game-changer in all senses of the term.  If you think political division in the US is hostile today, that hostility will be magnified X times over in the future.  “Third world” extreme political tactics are on their way…that is all we can really count on.  For everyone who didn’t fight against an imperial presidency, you get what you deserve…in heaps and spades.  For spineless congressmen and senators who refused to fight for a separation of powers, a special place of infamy and derision in American history is reserved for you…guaranteed.  Unfortunately, conservative politicians usually have conservative personalities.  Expecting bold action from these people is like asking a chicken to bark.  Somehow, some way, Americans must attract higher quality individuals into political leadership, who possess the appropriate demeanor for this monumental challenge.  At this dangerous moment of history, within and without, we cannot afford to keep electing wooden figurines with craven personalities to lead government.  I think we can all agree on perhaps only one thing, Democrat-Republican-Independent-Other, that we aren’t attracting our best and brightest into this game, at grave risk for the country.  The old business maxim “it’s all about people” applies equally to government.



21 Nov 2014