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Thoughts on the 6 Aug US GOP Debates

Posted in Uncategorized by Jack Worthington on August 7, 2015

Thoughts on the 6 Aug US GOP Debates

In business or government, Trump / Fiorina would be a powerful leadership team for a failed / distressed organizational turnaround.  Broadly speaking, the American public knows business better than anyone on the planet. Out of the declared candidates so far, who would you choose to lead the turnaround of a failing organization? I can only seriously imagine one of these two. The others don’t have the skillset, experience, or the unique demeanor of a turnaround pro, so critical to the challenge of this job today. Only two of them would be seriously considered for this type of challenge in the business world, when direct personal money is on the line, much less the nation’s future.  The Donald in particular has the archetype demeanor of a successful turnaround leader.  These guys are brought in when blood is in the streets, a company is going down, and nobody knows what to do.  Tough as nails, and mostly unpopular…people who have the courage to grab the helm and do what has to be done to right a sinking ship…rarely are they fully appreciated, except in their paycheck, and perhaps by posterity.

When Americans are existentially challenged, we naturally gravitate towards bold, highly talented, personally-imperfect leaders in the mold of Patton, MacArthur, Washington, et al. This is no time for a milquetoast, scrubbed career pol hack who could only preside over a gracious decline in the most optimistic scenario.

Somehow, we need to start attracting America’s best and brightest…the world’s best…into this corrupted political arena, for even a slim chance of averting national calamity…in the near term.

My hat is off to Carly Fiorina, Dr. Ben Carson, and Donald Trump for bringing their formidable private sector talents to the table at this critical juncture in American history. We need more people like them in this game.  We may not agree with everything they say, but their voice in the process is critically important.

Starbucks CEO / Dem candidate Howard Schultz to challenge Hillary?? Let’s encourage this talented man even if we don’t support his views. It’s time for all hands on deck, and a serious national turnaround program to commence…asap.


NY, NY 7 Aug 2015