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Left, right, or center, every American should (must) vote Trump for one reason alone

Posted in Uncategorized by Jack Worthington on August 11, 2015

The MSM is actively trying to bury this story…one of the most consequential in our generation??

Quote from The Levant Report: “knowledge of the declassified document must make it into every American household”.

In summary, a recently declassified document suggests, and the former head of US Defense Dept Intelligence (DIA) just confirmed, that Obama willfully created ISIS and supports radical Islamic terrorists militarily.



The implications are extraordinary, hard to fully analyse, and frightening, but one thing is clear:  It’s not only what we do know, but what we don’t know that should worry us when monitoring Barack Obama’s presidency.

This is hard evidence for what many have instinctively believed, yet at the same time, denied as unthinkable from our own President.  Did we really get it that bad on Obama?  Yes Virginia, this evidence proves that we did.  Was George Washington really on the side of the British?  Unthinkable.

It’s time to encourage independent, non-US journalists to investigate and report on this story asap.

It’s time for all Americans to watch / re-watch Dinesh D’Souza’s “2016: Obama’s America”, which gives one plausible explanation for the root of our Obama problem.

It’s time to control illegal immigration and secure the border asap.  Again, it’s what we don’t know that should worry us.

Who still trusts Obama to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s most active and unrepentant state sponsor of Islamic terrorism?

It’s time for all American’s, left, right, and center to vote Trump.  He’s the only one with the courage to control our borders.  Does this really require courage?!


NY, NY 11 Aug 2015