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No Humour Watching Snowflakes Melt

Posted in Investment & Social Commentaries by Jack Worthington on November 11, 2016

Ok, I admit it.  My immediate post-election knee-jerk response to the national snowflake meltdown was to snicker and shake my head in disbelief.  This went on for a few hours as the movement grew…with emotionally disturbed people uncontrollably weeping and consoling each other, distorted faces wracked with pain from the deep recesses of their soul…then, in the midst of an arrogant snicker, like a shot of lightning from above, I was hit with a searing thought emblazoned on my brain…

These people just lost their God.  Most rejected or abandoned the real God of the Bible long ago…even many (most??) so-called “Christians” have lost God in spirit and truth (the real teachings of Jesus).  This is how someone behaves when they’ve experienced a profound loss of hope, and without God all the hope you’ll ever know is right here and right now…centered only on the abilities of you and the fallible human beings you entrust with your future.

The searing thought:  This despondent scene, with weeping faces wracked in pain, is what the end times will look like after Jesus returns and many people learn they’ve missed the boat and are locked-in to a horrifying eternity.  The group will include Democrats, Republicans, Christian preachers, Satanic Wiccans, nice people, bad people, famous leaders, and the homeless.

Funny as a heart attack.  Sobering.  Our neighbors, friends, and family could be in that category.  Time to get our own lives in order and help whomever we can transition to a real hope and eternal future, brilliant beyond our imaginations…admittedly hard, thankless work.  The snowflakes bite, and few of our lives are admirable testimonies to the real Jesus, including my own…but do it anyway…let’s take some arrows for Jesus while we can.



11 Nov 2016