Jack Worthington's Social & Investment Commentaries

About the Author

Jack Worthington is Managing Partner of The Arundel Group, a private equity investment banking boutique focused on facilitating private equity investment on a global basis, where he is a consultant to private equity investors, hedge funds, and corporate acquirers globally.

An American, Mr. Worthington has lived and worked the majority of his adult life outside the United States in global M&A and corporate turnarounds – 8 countries, on 4 continents over the past 23 years, with professional investment and, or executive experience in many of the world’s key emerging and developed markets.

He’s also a passionate equestrian, horse trainer, outdoorsman, and general adventurer. His politics are  independent and capitalist. He believes in entrepreneurial, philanthropic social venture capital as a powerful complement for securing the general public welfare and contentment.  He received his MBA from Columbia Business School, New York, NY, with an emphasis in finance and economics.

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