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Why Trump?

Posted in Investment & Social Commentaries by Jack Worthington on August 22, 2016

From Charles Hugh-Smith, author of Why our Status Quo Failed and is Beyond Reform:

Any society that tolerates this systemic exploitation and corruption as “business as usual” is not just sick–it’s hopeless. No, you can’t fix this layer-cake of pathological deception, exploitation, corruption and racketeering with the usual pathetic “reforms” offered by lobbyists, insiders and think-tank lackeys: the status quo is itself the source of the sickness and the rot.

Very few people, and none in US politics, have the hyper-aggressive personality profile, skill set, independent power base and self-sufficiency to attempt with even a sliver of credibility, the disruption and reform such a corrupted status quo.  Bernie Sanders’ implosion showed us that.  It will take someone like Trump.  If you don’t like him, find another Trump, or cravenly accept the status quo and hold your peace.


22 Aug 2016