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Cruz Trumped

Posted in Investment & Social Commentaries by Jack Worthington on July 21, 2016

When Donald Trump calls Washington politicians stupid, this must be what he means:

Progression of events?

  1. Trump magnanimously? invites Cruz to speak at RNC;
  2. Cruz tells Trump he won’t endorse him;
  3. Trump thinks for a nanosecond and says, “No problem. Speak your mind.”;
  4. Trump orchestrates a world wrestling federation ambush for Cruz…plants people in RNC audience who will boo Cruz off the stage when he doesn’t endorse;
  5. The wild chorus of booing catches fire in the broader audience and with media pundits, who proclaim Cruz’ career in national politics is over;
  6. Another Trump enemy steps into a tar pit of their own making and goes down in flames.

Let’s assume Hillary didn’t pre-plan any crimes with her email setup or the Clinton Foundation.  Folks, we need smarter people than Ted and Hillary in DC.

Trump’s ambush revealed what most people who’ve worked or studied with Cruz have been telling us all along.  Hasta luego Count Chocula…it’s amazing you got this far…a fact that should frighten us all.  Thanks Donald.



21 Jul 2016

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